Inspite of what the dairy commercials tell you, dairy products are packed with fat, not to mention other ill-effects, they are not your allies in the weight loss game. Most cheeses are 70% fat or more and even skim milk has 4 to 7% fat.

Do you need to eat dairy to get our calcium? Well, think about it. Where do cows, horses, giraffes, apes, and elephants get their calcium for strong bones and teeth? Plants. They certainly don’t drink milk (once weaned). Cow’s milk is made for baby cows, not for baby people much less grown-up people. The only milk made for baby people is human milk.

Unrefined plant foods contain all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you need, including calcium.

Calcium comes from the soil. Calcium is dissolved in water in the soil and absorbed by plants. Plants transform inedible, unusable calcium from the soil into usable calcium needed by all mammals. Eating plants is the most direct way of getting calcium, and without the fat, cholesterol, animal protein, hormones, antibiotics, other toxins, which can come in dairy products.

Meat and dairy products are choices, not necessities, and can add significant calories to and fat. At Slender For Life™ we use the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique as an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to change your eating behaviors.  My book,  Becoming Slender For Life and it’s Becoming Slender For Life hypnosis audio reinforcement system teach the Light Switch Self Hypnosis and shows you how easy self hypnosis is. You can also watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions, Course Corrections and  Orange Blossom. Use hypnosis several times a day, every day to create new healthy eating choices.

Do you have osteoporosis? Dr. John McDougall, M.D. has an interesting article for you. Write to me and find out how hypnosis  can help you.

Exercise of all kinds has also been shown to strengthen bones.

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I strengthen my bones by eating plants and with exercise. 

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