Is happiness a struggle for you?

In our crazed hectic lives being happy can be a struggle. We’ve got crazy politics, mass shootings, war, children and grandchildren to worry about, bills to pay and work schedules that leave very little time to rest and re-create.

But, even with the unspeakable horrors that occur each moment in this world, you do still have choice.

You can focus on the doom and create, stress, anxiety, depression and illness. Or, you can find the little things that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. You can also make time to laugh.

Hypnosis can help you to let go of the suffering that you may be experiencing in your life. Using self-hypnosis you can focus on the joy that life offers.


Laughter as Medicine

“Say we have people watch a comedian for an hour, and their natural killer cell activity goes up, compared to watching nothing. And, their white blood count goes up, the number of immune cells in their bloodstream, the level of immune-boosting interferon goes up and stays up the next day, and the same with antibody production; pumping out more antibodies because yesterday you saw some video. So, humor seems to offer the best of both worlds at preventing the over reactive allergic response while boosting immune protection.” ~ Michael Greger, MD

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Redirect your thoughts

People at risk for depression are dealing with negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs about themselves which can easily develop into depression.

When you learn self-hypnosis you can direct your attention away from depressive negative thinking and engage positively with the world around you.

Children laugh 300 times per day
Adults only 30 times a day

In this talk, Ida engaged the audience in a laughter yoga session. Like she says, laughter yoga is forcing oneself to laugh, and the silly, forced laughter becomes real laughter that gets blood flowing and endorphins released into the body. In addition to instructing the laughter yoga session, Ida shared the benefits of laughter yoga.

Laugh each day

I encourage to make laughter a part of each day. There are many ways to do this:

  1. Play with your children or grandchildren
  2. Play with your cat, dog or other pet
  3. Take a laughter yoga class
  4. Read funny cartoons
  5. Read a funny book
  6. Give yourself permission to be silly
  7. Watch the birds play
  8. Find comedy shows on TV
  9. Watch funny videos on YouTube, Facebook or other social media source

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am happy and I joyfully embrace each new day.

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