Doctors Should Advocate Dietary Changes to Treat Heart DiseaseYES!!! Doctors should start advocating dietary options to treat heart disease. Heart healthy diets are ridiculed as no fun and extreme but just how fun is dieing of heart disease? How extreme is the expense and ramifications of the drugs and invasive cardiac treatments that aren’t working? If you are one who is eating the standard American diet (SAD) and think that you just can’t possibly change your eating, then you need to learn self hypnosis.  The Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC has medical hypnosis help that is available for you.

Doctors Should Start Advocating
Dietary Options to Treat Heart Disease

The Daily Beast, July 11, 2013: While heart-healthy diets are ridiculed as ‘no fun’ or extreme, the medical community pushes more pharmaceuticals and costly invasive cardiac treatments. Neither is working, says Dr. Daniela Drake.

Americans need to take a sober look at what conventional medical care really offers—a lot of pharmaceutical treatment for a lot of dietary diseases.

If the typical American diet is the problem, then it’s obvious that improving the diet should improve our outcomes. Starting with the groundbreaking work of Dr. Dean Ornish in the 1990s, small-scale studies have shown that aggressive dietary intervention reverses heart disease. At the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn—who is credited with influencing President Clinton’s dramatic weight loss—demonstrated even more impressive results through a more aggressive diet.

Dr. Esselstyn showed that patients who follow a low fat, unprocessed vegetarian diet can open their clogged arteries—and remain symptom-free for years. Admittedly, the Esselstyn diet is a radical departure from the way most Americans eat, and some people find it difficult to comply. But for those who think his diet is extreme, Dr. Esselstyn tells me, “There’s no more extreme diet than the standard American diet. It’s causing our epidemics of heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes, obesity…”

It’s true that 67 percent of Americans are overweight and 33 percent are obese (PDF). Obesity is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease that we can’t medicate. So even though cardiovascular death rate has decreased in the last decade, our disease burden remains unacceptably high (PDF). After all, someone dies of the disease every 39 seconds, and every 40 seconds someone else is having a stroke.

If otherwise robust people with access to health care are dropping dead in their 50s from a preventable illness, then something’s gone terribly wrong. As Tanner laments, “I wish I’d known, four years ago, that it was possible to prevent heart disease through diet—and that I was at such high risk.” Indeed, all of us eating a typical American diet remain at significant risk for premature cardiovascular death, no matter how many heart medicines we’re taking.

But as far as the professionals go, diet advice falls in the contentious twilight zone between freedom of choice, public health, and medical care. Just look at the animus Michelle Obama’s stirred up by asking people to eat more greens. And everybody knows that most doctors don’t even discuss diet.

Read Doctors Should Start Advocating
Dietary Options to Treat Heart Disease

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