Spark joy

“Before I put food in my mouth, I ask, does it spark joy?” When I heard that, I asked the person to repeat it for me.

I was so excited by those words that I asked her for clarification because I really wanted to understand what she meant.

As I suspected, for her sparking joy was far more than the sugar delight of ice cream and chocolate. The spark of joy is about supporting her in achieving and maintaining her healthy ideal body weight.

She went on to tell me that she may have really delicious food on her plate and stop eating when the next bite no longer sparks joy. She doesn’t have to clean her plate!

Since that session, I’ve been asking myself the question, “Does this spark joy?” multiple times each day. As I choose my activities, I’ve decided against somethings because they would not spark joy. Riding my bike sparks great joy. Yes, there are activities that in and of themselves, do not spark joy. Picking up dog poop does not spark my joy. I do it because Luna sparks my joy and having a nice yard, sparks my joy.

In my mind I am there

“In my mind I am there,” she said. By that she meant that she sees herself at her new goal weight of 130 – 135 pounds. When I first met her, she weighed 193.5 pounds. Her goal was size 6 and 140 pounds. She achieved that goal, but she didn’t like how she looked in a swimsuit. So now she’s safely letting go of a few more pounds with hypnosis, whole plant-based food and exercise.

She told me that she is living on purpose and knows where she is going. She has more energy, strength, confidence and is more comfortable in her skin

The big picture

As we talked about her being her Best Self and the Greatest Expression of You process, she was very clear that it was her big picture – long term goals that sparked joy.

Too often, we get caught up in the immediate gratification of sugar, fat and salt. That’s really easy. We forget that the weight gain and other health consequences that result do not spark joy.

I invite you today, and every day, to mentally rehearse making choices that spark your joy.

Spark joy

Becoming the Greatest Expression

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I make choices that spark joy.

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