This weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life is: Don’t Forget Your Greatest Ally: Self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is your tool for living the rest of your life, Slender For Life™. There are unlimited applications for hypnosis in self-improvement for personal, business, sports and academic uses. The use of hypnosis was approved for medical use in 1958 and is now being taught at major universities and respected learning institutions across the country. You can easily learn hypnosis to make the necessary course corrections that allow you to live your life as the healthiest you that you can be.

Don’t Forget Your Greatest Ally: Self-hypnosis

Finally, here are some additional hypnotic suggestions you can use when working on overcoming emotional eating and having healthier responses to stress.

Emotional eating

  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • I chose to experience love and joy in my life.
  • I am at peace with myself, the world and everyone in it.
  • I am excited about today.
  • I am excited about my life.
  • I love my life.
  • Food nourishes my body; love nurtures my heart and soul.
  • I eat only when I am physically hungry.

Stress control

  • I am calm and relaxed in all situations.
  • I see things in their true perspective and keep them in proper proportion.
  • Whenever I feel the beginning of any tension, anxiety, or fear, I automatically use the Relaxation Response taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. I instantly feel a wave of relaxation cover over me and through me from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes.
  • I am more relaxed each and every day.
  • I am free of stress.
  • I remain calm, cool and collected at all times.
  • I am balanced, relaxed and poised always.
  • I am relaxed and calm in all situations.
  • I feel profound peace.
  • I relax frequently throughout each day by breathing deeply.
  • I give time to myself.
  • I recognize and control my negative emotions.
  • Peace and inner calmness pervade my being.
  • The past is gone; I am creating my future now.
  • I am living in the present moment.
  • I stop worrying about the future.
  • I am becoming more aware in the present moment.
  • I stop several times each day to breathe deeply and to focus on my important goals.
  • I do everything with love, joy and laughter.
  • I give myself time to relax.
  • I enjoy what I am doing.
  • I am emotionally calm and settled.
  • My mind is becoming clear, calm and composed.
  • I confront and handle any problem calmly and easily.

Becoming Slender For Life pages 123 – 124

Many people come to a hypnotherapist thinking there is something about trance that is different than their normal state of consciousness, but this simply is not the case. A light trance feels no different from relaxation. No matter how deep into trance one goes, there is a feeling of familiarity. Do not expect to feel hypnotized. Do expect to feel relaxed. Learn about hypnosis by reading Moore On Hypnosis.

Discover how you can be in control of your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Read Are You Off Course In Your Life?

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I am in control of my thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

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