That’s right, you don’t need milk or any other dairy product. In fact, you will be healthier without it. Milk has roughly the same calorie count as soda and 2% milk contains the same amount of saturated fat as french fries. Given these two facts, the correlation between high milk consumption and high rates of Type 1 diabetes and heart disease makes sense. Got Milk? You Don’t Need It is this weeks feature in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

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Are you concerned about osteoporosis? Well, you don’t need milk, or large amounts of calcium, for bone integrity. In fact, the rate of fractures is highest in milk-drinking countries, and it turns out that the keys to bone strength are lifelong exercise and vitamin D, which you can get from sunshine. Most humans never tasted fresh milk from any source other than their mother for almost all of human history, and fresh cow’s milk could not be routinely available to urbanites without industrial production.

The solution of course is to skip the milk and drink water. If you don’t like water, you can easily learn self hypnosis and discover that drinking water is right for you.

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