Dopamine can be your powerful friend in your quest of becoming the Greatest Expression of You. Dopamine is the feel good chemical that your body releases when you get a kiss, a snuggle with your grandbaby, an eager tale wag from your dog, a pay raise at work or achieve a goal.

When you meditate on the Greatest Expression of You and mentally rehearse being your Best Self while memorizing Joy, you release dopamine. And, every time that your brain gets a taste of this feel good neurotransmitter, it will want a repeat.

Remember the lemon? Your body didn’t know the difference between eating the lemon or imagining eating the lemon. Your body doesn’t know the difference between imagining Joy or being in a joyful moment. Either way you will get a hit of dopamine.

Dopamine acts as a motivator, creating a sensation of pleasure when the brain is stimulated by achievement. Dopamine is connected to desire.


Feel good

Wouldn’t you like to live on a natural feel good high? When things in your life are tough, when the world is in chaos, you can remember Joy and the dopamine release will make you feel good.

One of my discoveries is that sometimes mentally rehearsing a full day being Joyful is daunting – it can be almost overwhelming if I have a very busy day scheduled. So I now break my day up into smaller chunks.

First thing in the morning I will do a general overview Mental Rehearsal of the day. Then, hour by hour or event by event, I Joyfully Mentally Rehearse that next hour or event.

At the end of the hour, I use self-hypnosis and also do an Inventory of the hour. Where did I do really well and where did old behavior slip back in. I express my Gratitude for the hour and celebrate it which gives me that release of dopamine.

Neuroscience tells us that this release of dopamine serves as a motivator to compel you to continue on.

Set frequent small goals and acknowledge your success. Enjoy those bursts of dopamine and allow yourself to feel good.

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I feel good!

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