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Your Inner Painter

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Sit back, relax and close your eyelids

Do not listen to this MP3 while driving a car or operating machinery. This recording is for relaxation purposes and is not to be used in lieu of medical treatment.

In a state of self-hypnosis you’re not asleep or unconscious. You’re aware of your surroundings. You can’t be forced to do anything that’s against your will. Don’t worry about outside sounds and distractions because you’re soon able to relax completely and can use the outside sounds to deepen your trance. You’re always in control and can accept or reject the suggestions as you wish. Allow yourself to absorb the suggestions without evaluating or analyzing. Don’t worry if your mind drifts off because you still gain the benefits from the suggestions. When you find yourself focused on other thoughts, gently remind yourself to focus on my voice and the suggestions. Don’t worry about getting it or doing it right, just allow yourself to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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