Anne Spencer, Ph.D.

Anne Spencer, Ph.D.

Thoughts Rule The World© writes Dr. Anna H. Spencer, PhD., and she is so right on! From my experience, the way to change your thinking is with hypnosis. Dr. Spencer is one of my hypnotherapy teachers and I am honored to have her share her writings in the Hypnosis Health Info Article LibraryLearn hypnosis and change your thoughts and change your life!

Thoughts Rule The World©

By Anna H. Spencer, PhD

For someone to change the way their life is going, they must first change the way they think about themselves and the world around them.

The word “discipline” means mental training. “There is nothing in all the world that would mean more to our lives mentally, physically, and morally than to persistently practice, with all of the strength we possess, the power of controlling our minds, by excluding all other things, and concentrating our thoughts and desires upon those elements of strength that we wish to obtain,” said Dr. J. Herman Randall.

“This is the key to the whole problem of mental development – that we shall learn how to live continually in the presence of the thoughts or faculties which we earnestly desire to see developed in ourselves.” The mystic would say, “Live in the present moment.”

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Are you ready to change the way that your life is going? Then learn hypnosis and change how you think about yourself and your world around you. To me, mental training and hypnosis are fundamentally the same. Put hypnotherapy to work for you and live in this moment.

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I live in the present moment.

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