How much water should you drinkWhat do you think – how much water should you drink? If you think you aren’t drinking enough water or don’t like drinking water, hypnosis help is available for you. I have read many studies about water consumption, but I believe that Jeff Novick got it right when he responded to a question on Dr. John McDougall‘s Online Discussion Board. Jeff says, “drink when you are thirsty.” When you learn self hypnosis you can create a desire for cool, soothing, relaxing and great tasting water.

How many glasses of water a day?

Dr. McDougall’s Online Discussion Board, Jeff Novick, March 22, 2008: For many years, we heard that thirst was not a good indicator of hydration status, especially in athletes, and we were all told to drink lots of fluids and given all kinds of formulas to follow. it turns out that not only may thirst be an adequate indicator, but some of the formulas resulted in over hydration, which caused its own set of problems. Many athletes who were following the advice of these formulas, developed exercise- associated hyponatremia, a condition in which the body’s sodium concentration is diluted too much and several died from this.

In fact, in an article that was published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, July 2006, the authors concluded “the best approach is to replace fluids is in response to thirst.”

They also said that there is no “blanket advice” to give to people about how much fluids are needed. Instead, they said, people should be encouraged “to explore, understand and be flexible toward their own needs.”

“Athletes should learn to trust the sensation of thirst, rather than adhere to rigid guidelines that do not allow for the flexibility that is needed in a dynamic situation.”

They recommend that people drink when they feel thirsty, as the best way to protect against consuming too much or too little fluids.

I agree.

If you are consuming the typical American diet, which is high in refined, processed foods, the average moisture content of these foods can be as low as 3%. In addition, the typical American diet is very high in salt, which will also increase your thirst. However, if you are eating a diet based on unrefined intact starches, they are around 70% moisture, and you are adding in lots of fresh fruits and veggies, which are about 90% moisture, than you are getting lots of water from one of the best sources possible, your food.

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My personal observation over the years is that people who drink more water lose weight easier and faster than those who don’t. Based on that, I highly recommend that weight loss hypnosis clients and other medical hypnosis clients drink plenty of water.

When I weighed 260 pounds, I boasted at times that it had been a week or more since I last drank water. I drank lots of Diet Coke, coffee and other beverages that contribute to being fat and sick. Today, thanks to self hypnosis, I usually drink more than 64 ounces of water. I still drink my cup of coffee each day, but I haven’t had a soda in years. One trick that I learned years ago was to keep my glass of water or water bottle next to me all day long. As long as it is next to me, I’m drinking it.

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I drink water when I am thirsty.

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