Dry Bed Wizard Power MinuteDry Bed Power Minute is this weeks featured product in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. I created this Power Minute to help kids to stop wetting the bed. I recommend that the child listen nightly after crawling into bed as they fall to sleep. A Power Minute is simply a short recorded suggestion that you use with the Light Switch Self-Hypnosis technique. If your child is wetting the bed, purchase this hypnosis MP3 download now.

Dry Bed Power Minute

……. Your Stay Dry Wizard awakens you anytime during the night that you need to use the bathroom and your Stay Dry Wizard helps you go right back to sleep when you return to bed. You are successful each and every night and you wake up to a dry bed each and every morning. …….

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For children ages 6 – 14

Price: .99 cents (Length 4:02)

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Kids and adults can easily learn self hypnosis using the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique. You can also learn how to write and use hypnosis suggestions here at Hypnosis Health Info. Be sure you visit the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

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I wake up to a dry bed each and every morning.

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