Be easier

One of my life lessons this summer is to be easier on myself. I am learning big time that I have to suspend my judgment on the way things “should” be, “must” be and ought to be.

When I try to force my will onto the universe along with my time schedule, I create massive stress and upset for myself and too often for those around me.

Through my study of neuroplasticity, I know that the stress caused by these judgments contribute to disease. I also know that the Greatest Expression of You process of meditation and hypnosis help me to let go of how I want things to be and how I think things should be.

Be easier

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I’m being easier on myself.

Stress hurts

You already know that stress hurts. Your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs actually change the genetic expression and chemical composition of your body minute-by-minute. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and cortisol have the same chemical precursors. DHEA is known for its many health promoting functions including cell repair. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

DHEA and cortisol are made by your adrenal glands. When your adrenals are preoccupied with making cortisol it’s too busy to manufacture DHEA. High stress levels suck biochemical resources away from cell repair and kill brain cells. Cortisol reduces muscle mass, increases bone loss and osteoporosis. Cortisol interferes with the generation of new skin cells, increases fat accumulation around the waist and hips, and reduces memory and learning abilities.

When you are calm and relaxed, your adrenal glands have the resources to produce the DHEA necessary to promote health and wellness.

Meditation helps

Meditation helps the production of DHEA as do hypnosis and other mindfulness based techniques. According to Dr. Robert Dozor, “Meditation—all by itself—may offer more to the health of a modern American than all the pharmaceutical remedies put together.” Meditation and hypnosis are the steroids of relaxation. Hypnosis and meditation build up the portion of your brain that produces happiness.

There are studies that show that meditation benefits every single system in your body measurably improving your body’s ability to resist disease. It’s not so much that your genes dictate your destiny, it’s that your consciousness and external environment actually exert much more influence on the genes than vice versa,

The Greatest Expression of You

The Greatest Expression of You process is orchestrated to maximize your health and wellness. Think about it for a moment: You begin your day by Meditating on being your best self. You Memorize Joy (happiness). You Mentally Rehearse being your best self and you use Self-hypnosis to remind yourself who it is that you are becoming. All put together, you have a powerful force for change.

The result is that you are firing and wiring a new neuropathway that leads to a whole new genetic expression, and you are calm, relaxed and happy so that you can produce DHEA. All the steps of the process are conscious changes that you are making as a wellness intervention. The physical results are that you reduce pain, boost your immune system and have the mood improving benefits similar to antidepressants by regulating serotonin and dopamine levels.

When you combine the Greatest Expression of You process with exercise and healthy dietary change, many illnesses take care of themselves. When given the resources it needs, if your body was powerful enough to create disease, it is powerful enough to heal disease.

So, be easier on yourself and stop “shoulding” on yourself. Using the Greatest Expression of You process you can change those things that you can change, accept the things you cannot change and use your wisdom to know the difference.

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