John Robbins has an insightful take on eating with awareness. The costs of cheap fast food is violating and betraying us. Our culture is entrenched in unconscious consumption. At Slender For Life™ I frequently talk about using self-hypnosis to eat consciously. With hypnosis you can eat with awareness. You can choose inexpensive, convenient and healthy food that makes your spirit fly.

John Robbins: Why the Corporations Own Your Belly

Price, convenience and taste. The three legs on which most people stand when it comes to food choices.

But what about health? What about the environment? What about animals?

John Robbins: Why the Corporations Own Your Belly

In Becoming Slender For Life and it’s hypnosis CD set I write about eating consciously. You see, when you eat consciously you are aware of our feet on the floor, your butt in the chair and you are aware of your breath. With this awareness, you will most likely eat only when you are physically hungry, you will make a healthy choice and stop eating when your body says enough – no more!

Self-hypnosis will help you consume consciously. With hypnosis you can make your spirits fly.

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