Eating how nature intended

When people ask me about diets, I always talk about eating how nature intended.

Last week Dr. Michael Greger, M.D., posted Eating the Way Nature Intended. For anyone thinking that the Paleo diet is how people have eaten throughout history or thinking that the Paleo diet is healthy, should read Dr. Gregor’s post.

The Paleo diet is a another marketing ploy by food companies to sell their products. It is not healthy and it does not get you to lasting weight loss.

A high-fiber, whole-food plant-based diet is how we humans have thrived throughout history. 25-years ago I lost 120 pounds eating whole grains, vegetables and fruit and by using hypnosis for weight loss.

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Eating the Way Nature Intended

Michael Greger M.D. FACLM. March 5th, 2019: “We’ve been eating 100 grams of fiber every day for millions of years. This diet is similar to what’s eaten by populations who don’t suffer from many of our chronic diseases. Maybe this shouldn’t be called a “very high fiber” diet. Maybe what we eat today should be considered a very low, extremely fiber-deficient diet.

Maybe it’s normal to eat 100 grams of fiber a day. Maybe it’s normal to be free of heart disease. Maybe it’s normal to be free of constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, appendicitis, colon cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and all other the diseases of Western civilization.”

Read Eating the Way Nature Intended

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I eat food that is rich in fiber.

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