Eating out without pigging out can be challenging for anyone – dieting or not. And if you are eating many or most of your meals in restaurants, weight loss is probably going to be very slow. When Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients go on a vacation where they are staying in a hotel and eating every meal in restaurants I encourage them to focus on weight maintenance rather than weight loss. A typical restaurant meal is apt to have 40% more fat than if you made the same meal yourself at home. When eating out, your job is to make the best choices that you can and to stop eating when your appetite tells you that you have eaten enough. Use hypnosis for weight loss before you ever put a bite of food into your mouth and you can have weight loss success Eating out without pigging out is this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life.

Eating out without pigging out

I know this can be a potential downfall, but it doesn’t need to be. My wife and I eat out at least once or twice each week. I usually find it quite easy to order. Mexican and Italian restaurants are some of my favorites. I can order black bean veggie burritos without cheese or sour cream and be a very happy camper. Even if it’s not on the menu, most Italian restaurants are happy to prepare pasta with tomato sauce and veggies without dairy. Remember, you have the right to request what you want. The restaurant is working for you. If you don’t see anything on the menu, ask the waitperson what the chef can prepare for you. Be courteous in your interactions, and they will usually bend over backwards to accommodate. And then I tip well!

When attending conferences, I make sure to place my meal order early and verify it with the hotel staff when I arrive. One client, who often travels internationally, orders a baked potato for breakfast from room service the night before. If I’m attending a meeting where lunch is provided, I generally bring with me some fruit and perhaps a few almonds or Wasa Crisp Bread.

In Quilcene, Washington, we stopped at a little hole-in-thewall restaurants for lunch. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but we were hungry and needed to eat. The establishment served breakfast all day. I spotted Vegetable Hash on the menu. It was served with 2 eggs and smothered in cheese. I thought, “this will work.” When the waitress came for our order, I ordered the Vegetable Hash without the eggs and cheese. I could see into the kitchen and watch the cook at the grill. I could see that there was already enough oil on that griddle so I asked the waitress to ask the cook to please cook my veggies and potatoes “dry”. “No problem,” she replied. I then asked her for a side of salsa.

When my meal came it was a huge colorful platter of hash browns and vegetables that looked and smelled great. Every head in the restaurant turned to see what I had ordered. One man who was about to order asked where that was on the menu. For less than eight bucks I got two very delicious meals. So, think outside the box when you are ordering!

I love restaurants and grocery stores with salad bars. There are so many choices of vegetables and fruits, and I love mixing them together for a great speedy meal. Many burger chains now offer vegeburgers on whole wheat buns, so being pinched for time doesn’t mean you have to blow your food plan.

A word of caution: When ordering a veggie burger, find out if it is made with cheese and find out how they prepare it. Some restaurants actually take a perfectly good veggie burger and soak it in fat to add flavor. I make sure they take the frozen patty and do nothing to it before placing it on the dry grill or open flame.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 153 – 154

Remember that even when on vacation or at your birthday dinner, food is still food for your body. You can enjoy a wonderful delicious meal and stop eating when your body says, “Enough, no more!” You can eat out and still love and care for your body.

With weight loss hypnosis you can enjoy celebratory meals without pigging out.

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I love and care for my body even when eating out.

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