Eggs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes

Eggs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes ….  The egg industry can’t say that eggs are healthy, nutritious, a high source of protein or part of a well-balanced diet. Why? Because they aren’t.

In fact, eggs may raise the odds of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease along with a host of other illnesses and diseases.

I know, I know, we grew up on eggs and everyone else eats eggs and eggs are in so many products. But even the United States Department of Agriculture has declared that eggs are not safe and that they are unhealthy.

Can’t imagine life without eggs? I’ve found it surprisingly easy. Hypnosis can help you to have a large amount of  no desire for eggs.

Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore can help you to create healthy lifestyle changes.


Eggs are not safe to eat

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My body deserves foods that are healthy and nutritious.

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