Eggs Not Healthy By Any MeasureNO, NO, NO! Eggs are not healthy by any measurement!!! Again, last week, a new Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss client began to justify his eating of the eggs his organic, free range chickens left for him in his yard. He had read a study written by Maria Fernandez, that was funded by the American Egg Board. Weight loss hypnosis can help you to end your desires and justifications for foods like eggs that make you fat and sick and create healthy desire for the starch based, plant based foods that make you slender and healthy. No matter where you may live, I can teach you the mindfulness skills to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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Does Cholesterol Size Matter?

Maria Fernandez has received nearly a half million dollars from the egg industry and writes papers like this.

She admits eggs can raise LDL, bad cholesterol, but argues that HDL, so-called good cholesterol, also rises maintaining the ratio of bad to good. This is the study she cites to support that assertion. But instead of cherry-picking this one study that she performed with Egg Board money, involving 42 people, if you look at a meta-analysis, if you look at the balance of evidence, the rise in bad with increasing cholesterol intakes is much more than the rise in good. Their meta-analysis of 17 different studies showed that dietary cholesterol increases the ratio of total to HDL-cholesterol ratio, suggesting that the favorable rise in HDL fails to compensate for the adverse rise in total and LDL-cholesterol and, therefore, that increased intake of dietary cholesterol may indeed raise the risk of coronary heart disease. The Egg Board responded by saying the increased heart disease risk associated with eating eggs needs to be put in perspective relative to other risk factors, arguing that it’s worse to be overweight than it is to eat eggs, to which the researchers replied: Be that as it may, it’s easier to cut back on egg intake than it is to permanently lose weight.

Fine, eggs increase LDL, but it’s large LDL, this concept that large fluffy LDL are not as bad as small dense LDL. And indeed large LDL only raises heart disease risk 44%, instead of 63% for the small LDL. Light large buoyant LDL still significantly increases our risk of dying from our #1 killer. This was for women, the same was found for men. Large LDL only increases risk of heart attack or death 31% instead of 44%. Bottom line, as the latest review on the subject concluded, LDL cholesterol has been clearly established as a causal agent in atherosclerosis, regardless of size. Yet check out how the egg board researcher worded it. The formation of larger LDL from eggs is considered protective against heart disease, relative to small LDL. That’s like saying getting stabbed with a knife is protective… relative to getting shot!

She acknowledges receiving funding from the American Egg Board and then claims she has no conflicts of interest.

Read Does Cholesterol Size Matter?

I was glad that I was aware of the paper by Maria Fernandez and of her ties to the American Egg Board and I quickly hooked this man up to the previous posts here at Hypnosis Health Info regarding the unhealthiness of eggs. (If you are interested in the previous posts here at Hypnosis Health Info type “eggs” in the the search box on the right.)

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