I was reading the Winter 2012 issue of Good Medicine and discovered that men who eat 2.5 eggs per week increase their risk of prostrate cancer by 81%. I don’t know about you, but I have never eaten an egg that tasted so good that is was worth increasing my risk of prostrate cancer. Yes, I grew up eating eggs and its only been the last 10 years have I have stopped eating eggs. Self-hypnosis has made it easy to give up eggs, dairy products and animal proteins. Not only do I not want them, they just don’t even look good. If you are wanting to give better care to your body, find out how hypnosis can help you eat for health.

Eggs Linked to Prostrate Cancer

Eating eggs is linked to developing prostate cancer, according to a recent National Institutes of Health-funded study. By consuming 2.5 eggs per week, men increased their risk for advanced prostate cancer by 81 percent, compared with men who averaged less than half an egg per week. Researchers followed 27,607 men who were part of the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study from 1994 to 2008. For men who already had prostate cancer, eating poultry and processed red meat increased the risk for death.

Eating Eggs Linked to Cancer

Do you want to give better care to your body? Hypnosis can help you eat for health. Obesity and many of its related disease like cancer can be prevented with healthy eating. If you are ready to stop fueling disease, give me call.

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