roadblock 2Eliminating mental and emotional roadblocks using self hypnosis is this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life. These weight loss affirmations are are just some of the more than 1800 healthy lifestyle affirmations that are available to you here at Hypnosis Health Info. These hypnosis suggestions or affirmations can be used with the Light Switch self hypnosis method, or any other method of your choice. If you are struggling with mental and emotional roadblocks that keep you from losing weight, call or email me to schedule your free weight loss consultation.

Eliminating mental and emotional roadblocks using self-hypnosis

Of course using your One Minute Light Switch Self-Hypnosis with written suggestions is a powerful tool for taming those tigers. Here are some suggestions you can use or adapt for yourself.

Mental and emotional pain

  • My new eating habits are more and more comfortable each day.
  • The child in me is no longer responsible for what I eat. The loving, nurturing adult part of me is in control of my healthy new eating choices.
  • I release myself from unhealthy holiday traditions and create new traditions that support me in my goals.
  • I desire to release my excess weight more and more each day.
  • It is now easy for me to think in a way that creates my ideal body.
  • I am in control, even when others are eating unhealthy fattening foods around me.
  • I enjoy eating low-fat, healthy foods more and more each day.
  • I only feed myself healthy foods and positive thoughts.
  • I give thanks each day for all that is right in my life.
  • It’s okay to release the weight.

Creating success

  • I am successful in obtaining and maintaining my ideal weight.
  • I have infinite control of my eating habits.
  • I create my ideal body with my thoughts and my actions.
  • A craving is just a thought. Like all thoughts, I create it, I can control it, I can change it!
  • I command my body to release the excess weight.
  • It is now easy for me to behave in a way that creates my ideal body.
  • A craving is just a thought, and I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
  • I am successful, because I am a success.
  • I am assuming the thoughts, deeds and actions of a physically fit, happy and healthy person.
  • I am making the right choices to release weight and change my eating habits.
  • I indulge in appropriate behaviors.
  • I allow myself to achieve and remain at my ideal weight.

Perfectionist expectations

  • I forgive myself for judging myself as not good enough.
  • 95 percent perfect is good enough.
  • I forgive myself and instantly get back on track.
  • I am free to give and receive unconditional love.
  • I focus on my positive results and not perfection.

Secondary gain

  • As I become more slender and attractive, I am becoming more self-confident and more self-assured.
  • I am protected by my protective shield.
  • Others around me do not bother me or disturb me.
  • I am at peace with the world and everyone in it.


  • I am motivated to live my life at my ideal weight.
  • I choose to be happy, healthy and physically fit.
  • I obtain and maintain my ideal weight throughout my life.
  • It is up to me to create my ideal body and I am doing it!
  • I am committed to my weight release goals.
  • I succeed with my weight release goals. I am committed to changing my eating habits—permanently—for the rest of my life.
  • It is time for me to release my excess weight forever.
  • I really want to eat only food that is healthy and nutritious.
  • I give my body permission to release my excess weight.
  • My determination increases more and more.

Practice using these techniques and select the one or ones that work best for you.

Remember, there has been a negative dialogue going on in your head most of your life, but this negative dialogue is just plain silly. However, there is nothing silly about having a healthy, loving and nurturing dialogue with yourself.

I really believe one of the reasons we’re on this earth at this time is to learn to be the loving, nurturing adult for that part of us that is hurting, so that we can be loving and nurturing to ourselves and to others. Until we give ourselves love and acceptance, there will never be enough love from our spouse, children, family, friends—and certainly not from food—to meet our needs.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition, pages 95 – 98

Weight control, by nature, is an uncomfortable experience for most people. Some people are able to manage this discomfort and work through it. However, when the degree of discomfort is great, a barrier to weight control is present. One of the major obstacles, to successful weight control, is difficulty handling the discomfort that inevitably accompanies any weight loss program. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to overcome your discomfort, lose weight and keep it off. You too can learn the Light Switch self hypnosis and lose weight. So start using these free weight loss affirmations today.

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A craving is just a thought, and I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

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