Our family continues to grow with the arrival of Ellie. Ellie Adam was born at 10:10 AM this morning, delivered by C-Section. I got to hold her and welcome her to the world and to our family shortly after she was born. She is so beautiful and we are all so thankful that she is so perfect. Mom and Ellie are both just fine. Ellie’s big sister, 3 year old Riley will have some adjusting to do now that she has to share Mom & Dad.

Last night I had dinner with my 13 year old and 15 year old granddaughters. I am honored that they still will hang out with grandpa – we had a great time. My oldest granddaughter, 21 year old Cassie spent Christmas Eve at our house & on Christmas Day Riley allowed me to play with her and some of the toys that Santa brought her. Life is so precious – I am learning to cherish each and every moment.

If you are going to be having a baby or are thinking of having a baby, consider hypno-birthing. Hypnosis and childbirth are as natural as breathing and childbirth. I remember doing the Lamaze breathing and realizing that what I was being taught in the Lamaze classes was hypnosis. That breathing technique is self-hypnosis in its simplest form. Hypnotherapy is safe, natural and easy and a great way to welcome your baby into this world.