What if we embraced lifestyle medicineWhat if we as a nation embraced lifestyle medicine? Imagine if 65% were no longer overweight. Imagine if diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases were rare. Dr. Dean Ornish proved decades ago that heart disease could be reversed solely with diet and lifestyle changes. When thinking about heart disease and its prevention—or cancer or diabetes—ask yourself to see in your mind’s eye the face of a loved one affected by that condition. Then imagine that loved one among the 80% who need never have succumbed if we lived a plant based lifestyle. At Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis you can learn self hypnosis so that you can easily make the diet and lifestyle choices and fill this day with hope and face it with joy.

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Convincing Doctors to
Embrace Lifestyle Medicine

An editorial by the Director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center on putting a face on the tragedy of millions suffering and dying from chronic diseases that could be prevented, treated, and reversed if doctors inspired lifestyle changes in their patients.

We have known, for at least a decade that the leading causes of both premature death and persistent misery in our society are chronic diseases that are, in turn, attributable to the use of our feet (exercise), forks (diet), and fingers (smoking). Feet, forks, and fingers are the master levels of medical destiny for not just thousands of people on any one occasion like a tsunami or earthquake but the medical destiny of millions upon millions year after year.

We as doctors, as a medical profession have known—Ornish published 23 years ago. But, we have not managed to care… writes the Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

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I see so many people suffering needlessly with diseases that are caused by diet and lifestyle. It was exciting to me that last year Kaiser Permanente recommended a plant based diet for ALL people. Kaiser also recommended that physicians stop pushing drugs and surgery and start promoting lifestyle changes.

Living a healthy lifestyle in our culture can be challenging but the alternative of course is being fat and sick. When you learn self hypnosis you can easily make diet and lifestyle changes that support your health and wellness. Diseases like heart disease can be reversed with a plant based diet. Isn’t it time you fill your day with hope and face it with joy?

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I fill this day with hope and face it with joy.

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