Embracing change

Embracing change is a challenge for most, if not all of us. One of my gym friends and I tease each other frequently about how difficult change is for us. We both know that we live in a changing universe where all we have is this moment which is different from the past. And we know that the next moment will be different than this one. We also know that changing our routine, doing something different or coping with unexpected change creates some unease for each of us.

Because we both know this about ourselves, we acknowledge it, talk about it and laugh about it, we are able to embrace change and more easily move through the fear of change.

Embracing change

Letting go of the misery

Think about this for a moment: How many times in your life have you stayed stuck in your misery because it was known and familiar? If you’ve been reading the previous Greatest Expression of You posts, you understand that neurons that fire together wire together. You also know that when a thought, emotion or behavior becomes hardwired, it produces chemicals within your body. These chemicals become addicting to your body. Yes, your body becomes addicted to stress, anxiety, fear and anger. When you try to change these emotions, your body goes into withdrawal. Your body wants the comfort of these emotions that it has come to rely on. No matter how painful the old thought, emotion or behavior may be, it is known. It is familiar and because it is familiar it feels safe. Your body feels the homeostasis of this old familiar pattern.

Letting go of the misery and moving into love, joy and happiness can be scary. It is unfamiliar and unknown. Making a healthy change can disrupt the balance and equilibrium in your life.

My Greatest Expression of You process is all about helping you to create and embrace healthy changes in your life. It is all about you firing and wiring new neurons, acknowledging and moving through the fear of the change so that you can create a new way of being. True greatness is acknowledging the discomfort of withdrawal from those old patterns of behavior while still moving through them so that you come out on the other side into the joy of being your best self.

Top 3 Reasons Why Some People Never Change

Psychotherapist Katherine Schafler writes about change in her blog post, Top Three Reasons Why Some People Never Change:

“It’s exponentially easier to create an identity around the things that have happened to us (i.e. the external) instead of out of the core part of who we are,” she said. “We lose touch with the vast possibilities within us because we’re so used to our little story.

If you’re used to feeling that people disappoint you, that you’re unhealthy, that you’re unattractive, that you’re not smart or that you’re always broke, then you know how to feel those things.  You know exactly what the feeling is like, and though it may not be a desirable feeling, it’s highly predictable. Letting go of what’s familiar to you is like transplanting yourself in a new land where you don’t speak the language.”
Read Top Three Reasons Why Some People Never Change

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I embrace change.

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