We must stop extreme childhood obesity. We cannot continue to allow our kids to eat junk food, packaged foods and drink soda. As adults, we must model a healthy, active lifestyle to the kids in our community. The Seattle weight loss, Bainbridge Island weight loss and Forks weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ are committed to teaching children a healthy lifestyle and urge you to call your legislator to support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010.

According to a March 18, 2010,WebMD report, extreme obesity has reached ”alarming” levels among children, according to a new study that looked at the weights and heights of more than 710,000 children aged 2 to 19. 7% of boys and 5% of girls — that is scary. And the 7% and 5% figures are overall. For some ethnic groups, the prevalence of extreme obesity was much higher — up to nearly 12%.

Overweight is defined as the 85th or higher percentile on the growth charts, according to guidelines from the CDC. Obese is defined as the 95th percentile or higher. Extreme obesity is defined as 120% of the 95th percentile for weight for age and sex.

Extreme Obesity in Children: Findings
• 37.1% of the children were overweight
• 19.4% were obese
• 6.4% were extremely obese

Childhood obesity is a serious health issue. Overweight and children are very likely to continue to be obese adults and face all the health consequences that come with obesity at a very early age. That includes heart disease and diabetes, among other ailments. Read Kids Not Only Obese, They’re Extremely Obese.

At Slender For Life™, I recommend that parents take a family approach to helping their children stay at a healthy weight with action steps such as:

  1. Limiting TV and computer time
  2. Keeping processed food, fast food, junk food and soda out of the house
  3. Only purchasing vegetables, whole grains and fruit for meals and snacks
  4. Be physically active as a family

I am encouraged my the recent press coverage about the alarming rate of childhood obesity and excited that First Lady Michelle Obama is endorsing the Let’s Move program. And you can do your part to help 30 million American students eat healthier school lunches. It’s simple. Ask Congress to change the Child Nutrition Act to help schools provide students more vegetables, fruits, vegetarian foods, and healthful nondairy beverages.

Urge Congress to Support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010.

You may also want to look at CNN‘s Kids In Peril and please sign the petition at Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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I am physically active and I only purchase healthy food.

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