End of life hypnosis

Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore are collaborating again to bring you End of Life Hypnosis Certification training. This course is for hypnotherapists who have successfully completed the Doulagivers End of Life Certification that we are hosting in April, 2018.

Nearly every qualified hypnosis practitioner will eventually work with clients who are dealing with a life-threatening disease or are naturally nearing the End of Life.

Whether you just want to improve your skills in helping these clients or you intend on developing a special niche in this area, this training is for you!

The need for hypnosis for End of Life has never been greater. As the population in the U.S. and elsewhere ages, more people are dealing with death.

In fact, more than half of the deaths every day involve people over the age of 60. People are seeking mental and emotional support as they and their loved ones are nearing end of life.

End of Life Hypnosis

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Expand your skills

This training is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your skills while learning how to:

  • Help others become more comfortable with the topic of death
  • Utilize other belief systems
  • Work as part of an integrative team
  • Assess and prioritize your client’s needs
  • Re-define hope with transformational work
  • Assist clients and caregivers with overwhelming emotions
  • Help find meaning in the experience of living and dying
  • Relieve pain and other discomfort
  • Enhance sleep
  • Establish helpful resources
  • Maintain your own serenity and fortitude

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