I just discovered how important my Greatest Expression is for endurance. I’ve been using the Greatest Expression for more than a year and it’s really changed my life.

I’m happier, more loving, more productive at work and overall just enjoy life like never before. It just never occurred to me to use it with cycling.

I know that you are an avid cyclist and that you’ve ridden the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride in one day. I’m training with two friends to ride the STP this summer. Riding 204 miles in one day is intimidating to me but I am determined.

My buddies, who are younger than me, and I had scheduled to ride the Chilly Hilly route two times this last weekend. I’ve never done that before either. I ride the route several times a year, I’ve just never done it twice in one ride.

The weekend was a washout with wind and rain. I suggested we cancel or go to spin class but the guys were being macho and said “we’re going – get your ass our here.”

As I reluctantly put on my rain gear I was muttering about how hard and miserable this was going to be. My mood was tanking, and I could feel my energy draining.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am loving, strong and resilient. I live life joyfully, passionately and enthusiastically!


Then, I heard you your voice in my head telling me that I had the power of choice. I could ride and be miserable or I could ride and have fun.

My Greatest Expression is, “I am loving, strong and resilient. I live life joyfully, passionately and enthusiastically!” As I dressed, I changed my thoughts to my statement and focused on memorizing joy rather than misery. I mentally rehearsed the ride, powering up those hills in the rain with strength and joy.

Guess what?! I was the strongest rider. I forgot about the rain and the wind and I beat the guys up Peterson Hill, Arrow Point and Baker. Riding up those hills I repeated over and over, “I am strong and resilient!” They wanted to know what I was taking. I told them is was my “joy drug”.

I know that you had said that I should use my Greatest Expression in all areas of my life. It just never realized that all really meant ALL!

I know that come July I will be riding the STP with my Greatest Expression as my mantra. Thank you for that.


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