Did you know that there is a connection between alcohol abuse and energy drinks? Everywhere you turn, it seems like there are energy drinks. Kids and adults are using energy beverages to survive long days of study, work and even driving long distances. Yesterday I talked to one high schooler who tole me that among his friends energy drinks are the new soda. If you or or children and using energy drinks, I urge you to reconsider. Talk to your children about their health. Your body is 98% water. Your body needs water for health and for survival. Self-hypnosis can help you increase your desire for water.

Energy Drinks May Raise Risk for Alcohol Problems

This phenomenon is called “wide-awake drunkenness” and can lead to risky or even life-threatening behaviors.

College Students Who Often Drink Energy Drinks May Become Problem Drinkers

WebMD Health News Nov. 16, 2010 — Drinking energy drinks daily or even on a weekly basis may increase your risk of developing alcohol problems.

In the new study of more than 1,000 college students, people who drank energy beverages 52 or more times a year were more than twice as likely as non-users to meet criteria for alcohol dependence. In addition, such “high-frequency users” were more likely to get drunk at an earlier age, drink more in one sitting, black out, and/or experience hangover symptoms that limited their usual activities, the study showed.

Overall, more than 60% of college students drank an energy beverage at some point in the past year and 10.1% had these drinks weekly and 2.6% daily or almost daily.

People that drink these energy beverages daily or weekly need to be careful about alcohol consumption. When alcohol and energy drinks are drunk together, the caffeine helps to disguise intoxication so you can drink more without realizing that you are drunk. You are more intoxicated and more revved up, and that is quite dangerous.

When you consume alcohol and energy drinks at the same time, it prolongs the drinking episode because it decreases your perceived level of intoxication, so you can drink for longer periods of time.

Read Energy Drinks May Raise Risk for Alcohol Problems

Did you know that energy drinks receive less scrutiny than sodas and over-the-counter medications, which allows energy drink manufacturers to include potentially concerning levels of ingredients in their products. Based on the labels on their cans, for example, some energy drinks contain as much as twice the caffeine as the stimulant NoDoz; most contain three times the caffeine found in caffeinated sodas. Energy drinks may do harm while not improving performance or energy levels substantially.

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