More bad news for consumers of energy drinks – they are bad for your teeth. I’ve posted previously about the health dangers of energy drinks (too much sugar, trips to the ER, links to alcohol abuse, behavior issues, obesity, diabetes…..). If you want a healthy alternative to sports drinks, check out raisins.Raisins provide the carbs which provide the readily available fuel needed for strength and endurance. Raisins naturally are rich in potassium (helps prevent muscle cramps), antioxidants, iron (needed to oxygenate blood), copper and manganese (required for collagen formation and cross-linking) — even protein and other nutrients needed by top athletes and weekend warriors alike. Raisins also provide less of what you don’t need — like excess sodium, linked to millions of hypertension-related deaths a year and 13% more calories.

Energy Drinks: Bad for the Teeth?

WebMD Health News, May 3, 2012: Energy and sports drinks can damage tooth enamel, boosting the risk of cavities, according to a new study.

“The big misconception is that energy drinks and sports drinks are healthier than soda for oral health,” says researcher Poonam Jain, BDS, MPH, associate professor and director of community dentistry at the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.

“This study completely disproves that, because they erode or thin out the enamel of the teeth, leaving them more susceptible to decay and sensitivity.”

Jain and her team tested 13 sports drinks and nine energy drinks for acidity. They tested six drinks for their effects on tooth enamel and found both types caused damage. Energy drinks, however, were twice as bad. Damaged tooth enamel cannot be fixed.

The drinks are especially popular among teens and young adults. Up to half of U.S. teens and young adults drink energy drinks, and more than half have at least one sports drink a day, according to the researchers.

They tested the acidity levels of all 22 drinks. They found the levels of acidity in the drinks vary between brands and between flavors of the same brands.

Gatorade Blue had the highest acidity among sports drinks. Next was Hydr8.
Among the energy drinks with the highest acidity:

  • Red Bull Sugarfree
  • Monster Assault
  • 5-hour Energy
  • Von Dutch
  • Rockstar

“If the consumer is absolutely unable to give them up, the best advice is to minimize [their use] and rinse with water afterwards,” she says.

“Dilute them,” she says. Do not brush immediately after drinking them, she says, as this could spread around the acid. “The mouth takes about 30 minutes to bring the pH back to normal.”

Wait an hour after drinking the sports or energy drink, to be safe, then brush, Jain says.

Read Energy Drinks: Bad for the Teeth?

If you are interested in learning more about the dangers of energy drinks, enter the words “energy drink” in the Search box on the right side of this page. You will find several posts on the bad health consequence of sports drinks.

Self-hypnosis can help you end you energy drink habit and create a new healthy habits with water and plant based food.

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