Enhance your successes

According to Psychology Today, refocusing your imagination can enhance your successes. “We can help empower ourselves in many different kinds of endeavors by learning how to better use our imagination.”

Augment your understanding

To augment your understanding of what you read, you can visualize vivid scenes related to the content, even imagining yourself as characters within these scenarios. This technique comes naturally to some, while others may need to consciously practice it.

For more effective studying

For more effective studying, students can mentally picture themselves taking notes and solving problems on an imaginary whiteboard.


In my book, Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, I write extensively about how you can learn to use self-hypnosis for mental rehearsal to enhance your successes with your imagination.

Boost exam performance

To boost exam performance, students can mentally rehearse the test-taking process, focusing on staying calm, recalling information effortlessly, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the exam. Additionally, during the test, imagining an internal guide like a librarian, teacher, or guru can aid in retrieving information.

Use your subconscious to portray a scene, which can help you learn new ways.


Powering Up Your Imagination

“For those trained in the use of hypnosis, and who are gifted with its application, a helpful rehearsal method is to allow the subconscious to portray a scene from which the conscious can learn.” ~Ran D. Anbar M.D.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

Through the limitless canvas of my imagination,
I paint the vivid path to my success.

Mental Rehearsal

In Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, I write, “Mental Rehearsal is the training and habituation of being your Best Self. It is an important and powerful component to the Greatest Expression of You process. Aristotle tells us we develop a talent for the things we repeatedly practice. Too often, we repeatedly rehearse negativity and failure, which results in successfully achieving negativity and failure. Mental Rehearsal of the Greatest Expression of You lets you choose your thoughts, emotions, and actions wisely. This helps you achieve excellence in what really matters to you.

Step-by-step thought process

Mental Rehearsal is a step-by-step thought process used to mentally practice being the Greatest Expression of You throughout your day. It is a plan that you make in your mind to prime your brain for action.
One client referred to Mental Rehearsal as a walk-through. In the theatre world, a walk-through is a rough rehearsal of a play, film, or other performance without an audience or cameras present. People in the tech industry will tell you that a walk-through is a software model of a building or other object in which the user can simulate walking around.

Walk through

Merriam-Webster defines walk-through as: “An activity in which someone walks through an area, building, etc., in order to inspect it; the act of going slowly through the steps of a process, job, etc., in order to practice doing it or to help someone learn it; an explanation or guide that tells you how to do something by explaining each of its parts or steps.”

When Kathy, an Amazon employee, first heard about Mental Rehearsal, her face lit up. “Oh, project planning!” she said. “Just like I plan a project at work, I’ll plan how to be my Best Self each day.” Kathy went on to say that just like at Amazon, the Mental Rehearsal is much more about outcome than it is about output.

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