Essential Tremor and DietThe meat consumption in your diet has been linked to essential tremor. Since 1997 I have been coaching people with Parkinson’s disease and autoimmune diseases in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices with making healthy lifestyle changes. You too can learn self hypnosis and make the changes in your diet and overall lifestyle that can improved your health.

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Essential Tremor and Diet

The meat consumption in your diet has been linked to essential tremor. Neurotoxins in chicken, such as the beta-carboline alkaloid harman, may explain the link between meat consumption and hand tremor, the most common movement disorder.

Well, this recent study found those with essential tremor have much higher levels of this toxin in their bloodstream compared to those without tremor. The highest levels are found in those who have both essential tremor and cancer, suggesting harmane may be playing a role in both diseases. And the higher the harmane levels the worse the tremor.

How did they get exposed to these chemicals? Primarily through meat: beef, chicken and pork—and fish actually.

So if this potent, tremor-producing neurotoxin, is concentrated in cooked muscle foods, is meat consumption associated with a higher risk of essential tremor? Men who ate the most meat in this study had 21 times the odds of essential tremor

Just to put that in context, you go back to the original studies on smoking and lung cancer, smoking was only linked to at most 14 times the odds, not 21.

Yes, harmane is a potent neurotoxin linked to human diseases, and cooked meats are the major source of exposure, but which meat? Like other heterocyclic amines, the levels may be highest in chicken.

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