It is no secret that many people are obese as a result of stress eating. But now there is growing evidence that long term metabolic changes occur from stress which contribute to obesity. Hypnosis is a proven technique for effectively managing stress and for facilitating weight loss. So it only makes sense that self-hypnosis be employed stress related obesity. One way to manage  day to day stress is with my free hypnosis MP3 download, Orange Blossom.

Study Strengthens Link Between Everyday Stress and Obesity in an Animal Model

Stress can take a daily toll on us that has broad physical and psychological implications. Recent studies, however, tend to suggest that social stress–public speaking, tests, job and relationship pressures–may effect over-eating and weight gain. The results suggest that, not only does stress have an impact on us in the short term, it can cause metabolic changes in the longer term that contribute to obesity.

Read Study Strengthens Link Between Everyday
Stress and Obesity in an Animal Model

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