Ew, Seriously? Dude that is so totally gross! No, I’m not promoting Geico, but I just love this commercial! Imagine with me for a moment that every time you reach for a food that makes you fat you hear these words in your head; “Ew, Seriously? So gross.” Here is the deal; with hypnosis for weight loss you can have that response. You don’t need to hire the local school girls do you will save money! Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss clients learn self hypnosis and other tools so that they are in control. They use hypnosis mind control techniques so that if they start to reach for the bag of chips or the carton of ice cream they see a mental stop sign between them and the food. Then, they can stop and think, :Ew, Seriously? Dude that is so totally gross!”

You listen to your powerful, intelligent mind. Should any thought of eating or food arise, your mind creates a mental stop sign. You see a stop sign between you and the food. You hear the word “STOP” resounding through your mind and body. You stop and think, “Do I really need this?” You listen to your mind; you are in control.

Hypnosis isn’t about being out of control – it is the ultimate display of control. The dude in the commercial is out of control – food is controlling him. With hypnosis mind control you can take control of your thoughts, your emotions, what you eat and how much you eat. Learn self hypnosis today and stop and think. OH, the bonus, you will save money! Self-hypnosis is free!

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I stop and think, “do I really need this?”

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