No matter how old you are, or long out of shape you are, exercise may slow age-related memory loss – so start moving! The exciting news is that it is never too late to exercise. And, no matter how old you are, it’s never too late to learn hypnosis for exercise motivation. Over the past 3 months I have been witness to my 88 year-old Mom’s transformation as she has been using self-hypnosis to motivate herself to exercise and she has been exercising with a personal aide 4 days each week. The result is that she has more ability, agility, strength, endurance and range of motion. She walks longer and farther, is more sure of herself and it is easier for her to stand up and sit down. She even gets in and out of bed easier. Mom says that she feels better and that she is happier. Improve your memory and your body with hypnosis for exercise.

Exercise May Slow Age-Related Memory Loss

WebMD January 31, 2011: The results of the study are particularly interesting in that they suggest that even modest amounts of exercise by sedentary older adults can lead to substantial improvements in memory and brain health.

The volume of the hippocampus may shrink and lead to memory impairment in the elderly. But researchers found one year of moderate aerobic exercise, like walking, in a group of older adults increased the volume of hippocampus by 2%, which effectively reversed the age-associated shrinkage by one to two years.

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In the last 3 months, my 88 year-old Mom has been using self-hypnosis for motivation to exercise, pain management and weight loss. You are not too old; learn hypnosis to help you effortlessly remember facts and details, move your body and feel better.

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