I have frequently written about the importance of exercise for your body but research shows the importance of exercise for your aging brain. In the past, the view was that as we get older our brains become less malleable and less able to change. The new view is that it remains plastic even very late in life. Researchers were able to show positive change after just one year of moderate-intensity physical activity. Hypnosis can help you with your exercise motivation.

Exercise Protects Aging Brains

WebMD Health News, October 22, 2012: Staying mentally sharp as you age may have more to do with working out than working on crossword puzzles, new research suggests.

People who stayed physically active into old age tended to have larger brains than those who did not exercise in the study, published today in the journal Neurology.

The brain typically shrinks in late adulthood, and this shrinkage is believed to play a role in age-related memory decline.

The new research is the latest to suggest that exercise is good for the brain as well as the body.

“It is pretty clear that exercise is one of the most potent things we can do to protect our brain as we age,” says University of Pittsburgh exercise and aging researcher Kirk Erickson, PhD, who was not involved with the study.

People in the study who reported being the most physically active tended to have larger brain volumes of gray and normal white matter, and physical activity was linked to less brain atrophy.

Regular exercise also appeared to protect against the formation of white matter lesions, which are linked to thinking and memory decline.

Non-physical leisure activities did not appear to protect the brain from shrinkage, suggesting that mental activity may be less important than regular exercise for preserving brain function into old age, the researchers say.

It is never too late to harness our body’s capacity to get stronger and more functional. There is no pill that can do what exercise does.

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OK – so now you can add staying mentally sharp to your list of why you should exercise. Of course you should for your health. Of course you should for your body. For most folks, those are not motivators. Real motivators are what will your life be like when you can be physically active? What activities will you be able to do and want to do that you can’t do now because you are out of shape? What activities won’t you be able to do when you are in your 70’s and 80’s if you don’t exercise? What do you want your senior years to be like?

Hypnosis for exercise can motivate you to be active and actually have fun doing it. Add healthy, happy years to your life. Learn self hypnosis and ask your doctor if exercise is right for you.

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