I admit it. I am a gym freak. Until 13 years ago, I hated to exercise– I hated to sweat. It was an uncomfortable experience for me and it was so embarrassing. Thanks to self-hypnosis I am in the gym 5 days a week and very active on weekends riding my bike, hiking & splitting wood. I have struggled over the years on finding exercise that I can do in a hotel room when I am on the road teaching hypnotherapy and weight loss at a conference somewhere. I used to take my running shoes, but sometimes the neighborhood wasn’t conducive (too many exhaust fumes) and sometimes the tiny hotel room that was made into an exercise room had only one broken down treadmill.

Many of my clients are terrified of the gym and they don’t have exercise equipment at home. Yes, they could go for a walk, but here in the great Northwest, its even more difficult to be motivated to go out in the dark, wet cold – even self-hypnosis is not going to change common sense!

Yes there are exercise DVDs, bands & exercise balls – but if you live in a small apartment, where do you put the ball & how do the neighbors feel about you jumping around?

One of my clients mentioned to me that he had read an interesting RealAge post on exercising in your home. I had missed reading this particular post and my client was kind enough to remember to email it to me.

The YOU2 Workout is a sensible approach to exercise at home and when you are on the road. I have printed it out and put it with my travel stuff so that when I show up in the hotel room in March in San Pedro at the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF)  I know I will have it with me. And, just to be safe, I have saved a copy on my laptop. Here is the introductory information on the YOU2 Workout:

YOU2 Workout
The best gym in the world? You’re living in it. By using your own body weight to complete a strength-and-stretch workout, you’ll have the ability to transform your body — no excuses. This 18-move workout from the YOU Docs and celebrity trainer Joel Harper is one that you can do in fewer than 20 minutes — and there’s no need for equipment. It will strengthen your muscles (to make you stronger, leaner, and more equipped to handle the rigors of aging) and stretch them (to make you more flexible and dynamic, for the same reason).

In addition to walking 30 minutes a day, which serves as the foundation of any physical activity plan, you should do this workout two to three times a week. Consider it part of your armor against aging. The stronger your body, the longer and better your life. Remember to maintain proper form throughout the exercises and to breathe freely. Keep a strong but relaxed pose as you perform the exercises.

OK – so here is a great at-home exercise plan – but now what? Are you going to get off your duff and do it? This is where self-hypnosis comes in. Using hypnotherapy, you can generate the desire and motivation to exercise. Hypnosis really can make a difference in your life and support you in achieving your weight-loss & exercise goals.

I encourage you to read The Last Lecture.