Over the years I have witnessed the value of exercise for clients who have Type 2 Diabetes. A new study shows that 150 minutes per week of intense exercise can improve blood sugar and insulin levels. This is my third post this week about the importance of exercise. I am particularly focused on the health benefits of exercise right now because I have seen in my own family the devastating effects of no exercise. Self-hypnosis can help motivate you to care enough about yourself you get off the couch and move your body. Hypnosis for weight loss can also help improve your desire and ability to exercise as well as help your healing of Type 2 Diabetes.

Exercise Crucial for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

WebMD Health News, December 10, 2010: New guidelines call for people with type 2 diabetes to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise over the course of at least three days during the week, and not to skip more than two days of exercising.

Strength training, using weights to develop muscle mass, is also important in diabetes management. Resistance training should be part of a diabetes patient’s exercise regimen, according to the new guidelines, which are published in the December issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Exercise is critical to reducing the risk of diabetes, as well as helping people with diabetes improve insulin and blood sugar production. Exercise may also improve a diabetes patient’s lipid profile, such as lowering the levels of cholesterol and other fats in the blood, and also lead to losing weight.

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Seattle hypnosis clients who have Type 2 diabetes learn hypnosis for weight loss and for motivation to exercise. What about you? Are you ready to learn self-hypnosis to improve your health? If you live too far away, together you and I can create phone and Skype hypnosis sessions for your success.

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How to Get Started With Exercise When You Are Overweight

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