Another study shows that exercise and diet improve longevity for older women showing that it’s never too late to up the veggie, fruit and exercise quotients in your life. You may remember me writing about the changes my Mom mad during the four months that she lived with us last year. To this day she continues to mostly eat a plant based diet and she exercises everyday. Just last month we celebrated her 90th birthday and it is great to see her happy, healthy, mobile and still living alone in her own home. My Mom was not someone who exercised and her eating was the typical American foods that make people fat and sick. She grew up on vegetables, fruit and grains but as her income and lifestyle improved she kept up with modern America and switched to the food that 65% of people eat today – the food that makes you fat and sick. Living with us, Mom learned self hypnosis, started exercising, mostly ate plant strong food and lost weight. As her health improved from her healthy diet and exercise she became more mobile and happier. For the past year in her own home she continues to use hypnosis for weight loss to maintain her healthy weight and to keep her motivated to exercise. If you are ready to improve your health and longevity find out what Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss and exercise can do for you.

Exercise, Diet Improve Longevity
For Older Women

The Huff Post Healthy Living, June 5, 2012: We’ve long known that exercising and eating fruits and veggies can, over the long-term, help improve both the quality and quantity of our years. But the effect of healthy behaviors on longevity among those who have already reached senior citizen status may also be strong. That’s especially true when a produce-heavy diet and exercise routine have been combined, according to new research.

A study in this month’s Journal of the American Geriatrics Society finds that women in their 70s who live in senior citizen communities may still be able to improve the length of their years with an exercise and healthy eating plan. The researchers studied the exercise and eating habits of 713 women, aged 70 to 79, as part of the Women’s Health and Aging Studies.

They found that women with both the highest level of physical fitness, as measured by survey responses, and the highest consumption of fruits and vegetables (measured via a blood test) were eight times less likely to die than the women who performed the worst in both of these categories.

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My Mom showed me that its never too late to exercise and to start eating healthy. No matter how old you are you can exercise, eat healthy and lose weight. Guys – this goes for you too! Learn self hypnosis to change your diet, motivate yourself to exercise and improve your longevity.

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