Faith Hill never took exercise too seriously. She would “go through phases, working out before a big tour or video shoot and not doing much afterward. … I was always very athletic, playing basketball and softball and running track.”

After Faith Hill had knee surgery last January that kept her from exercise for six months she decided on a “lifestyle change.” She now has a daily exercise routine that includes four miles on an elliptical trainer, light weightlifting, crunches and push-ups. She recently added Pilates classes and says she now can bend “in ways I haven’t been able to since I was a teenager.”

And what a great birthday gift! Faith Hill is so pleased with the results that she posed in a bikini for the December cover of Shape. She called it “my 41st birthday present to myself.”

So if you exercised, what results would you achieve? Focusing on the results really does make the difference with exercise. The results you achieve can be the motivator to get you out there shuffling your feet.

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I give myself the daily gift of exercise.

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