Reducing stress and burning fat are two reasons for exercise. When I weighed 260 pounds, I hated to exercise. I hated to sweat. I was the classic couch potato. It was with weight loss hypnosis, healthy eating and yes, exercise, that I was able to lose weight and keep it off for over 14 years. Today, at 149 pounds, I can truthfully say that I love exercise. The health benefits of exercise are many so get off the couch and move your body.

Exercise May Buffer Effects of Stress

Vigorous Exercise May Put the Brakes on Stress-Related Cellular Aging

A May 28, 2010, post at WebMD says that:
Short bursts of vigorous exercise — the kind that makes you really break a sweat and increases your heart rate — may help buffer the devastating effects that stress can have on cellular aging, a new study finds.

Brief bouts of vigorous physical activity reduced one of the key signs of cellular aging: telomere shortening. Telomeres are tiny strips of genetic material that look like tails on the ends of our cells. Telomere shortening is a known indicator of aging in cells.

The CDC recommends 75 minutes of vigorous activity or 150 minutes of moderate activity, plus weight-bearing exercise every week for adults. Read Exercise May Buffer Effects of Stress.

Fit People Burn Fat Faster

A June 2, 2010, post at WebMD says:

People who are more fit are able to mobilize the fuel source in fat better than those who are less fit.

Opposite findings come from studies of sedentary people. The metabolic profile indicates that their bodies get better and better at storing up fat reserves.

With exercise you tap into all these fuels in the body and put yourself into a fuel-burning mode. Unfortunately, the balance in a lot of people is tipped toward over-storage mode and away from this marked metabolic response seen in even a short bout of exercise. Read Fit People Burn Fat Faster.

You don’t have to be a gym rat, run marathons or go on century bike rides to get positive changes from exercise. Start where you are at and build slowly. If you can walk for 5 minutes than push it to 6 minutes. (Of course, before starting or changing an exercise regimen, consult with your health care provider.)

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