Physically fit students do better academically and hypnosis can be used both for exercise and academics.I love teaching self-hypnosis to students and I love hearing their success stories with academics, sports and physical fitness. If your family is dealing with childhood obesity then consider hypnotherapy. Be sure to also check out the ChiQ for academics, physical fitness and sports performance.

Getting students to exercise more might not just address obesity issues but also improve their grades with a U.S. study finding physically fit students tend to score higher in tests than their less fit peers. Schools and parents seeking to optimize their students’ academic performance should take heed. Compared with students of desirable weight, overweight and obese students also scored significantly lower on tests, the researchers found. Read:  Physically Fit Students Do Better Academically Too.

Moms, Dads – you really need to take a look at the ChiQ for your students. It’s a great tool for academics, sports and stress reduction. One client, a high school senior in LA, uses the ChiQ on the pitchers mound.

Students of most any age can learn self-hypnosis. Sports, academics and physical fitness are ideal for hypnotherapy. Want to know more about hypnosis? Read Moore On Hypnosis.

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