You Must Exercise! ~ Jay Gordon MDYou may already know that I have become a big believer that you must exercise for your health and well being so I was particularly interested in this video from Dr. Jay Gordon. One of the important benefits of any cardio activity is that is the best anti-depressant and best anti-stress method known. Exercise can change the way you feel. No drug on the market can outperform cardio movement. Hypnosis for exercise motivation can get you up off the couch and get you moving. Add more movement, more activity to your life. You don’t have to have a gym membership or exercise equipment taking up space in your bedroom to become more active. Just move more!

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Jay Gordon MD: You Must Exercise!

What kind of exercise do you do daily?

What? You don’t do that much?

Listen to what the doc prescribes for optimal health.

And listen to how ADD kifd respond to lifestyle changes.

Dr. Gordon talks about some successes using lifestyle modification rather than the usual American treatment — drugs.

Jay Gordon MD: You Must Exercise!

Excerpt from the award-winning documentary, PROCESSED PEOPLE. Watch more trailers and purchase a copy right now at:

If you are ready to be happy and healthier when I exercise. Hypnosis for exercise motivation can help you to add more activity to your life. Ask your doctor if getting off the couch is right for you.

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I am happier and healthier when I exercise!

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