There are so many myths out there about seniors and exercise that I think they are often used as excuses. I have written previously on numerous occasions about the importance of exercise at any age to improve longevity, increase memory function and enhance physical stamina. No matter what condition you are in now, it is not too late to become more active. Hypnosis for exercise motivation can work for people of any age. You are never too old to be more active and never too ole to learn self hypnosis.

Myths About Exercise and Older Adults

WebMD Feature, October 29, 2012: Have you given up on exercise? A lot of older people do — just one out of four people between the ages of 65 and 74 exercises regularly. Many people assume that they’re too out-of-shape, or sick, or tired, or just plain old to exercise. They’re wrong. Exercise is almost always good for people of any age. Exercise can help make you stronger, prevent bone loss, improve balance and coordination, lift your mood, boost your memory, and ease the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

Here are some common myths that stop older people from exercising — along with some expert advice to get you started working out.

  • Exercise Myth: Trying to exercise and get healthy is pointless — decline in old age is inevitable.
  • Exercise Myth: Exercise isn’t safe for someone my age — I don’t want to fall and break a hip.
  • Exercise Myth: Since I’m older, I need to check with my doctor before I exercise.
  • Exercise Myth: I’m sick, so I shouldn’t exercise.
  • Exercise Myth: I’m afraid I might have a heart attack if I exercise.
  • Exercise Myth: I never really exercised before — it’s too late to make a difference in my health.
  • Exercise Myth: Exercise will hurt my joints.
  • Exercise Myth: I don’t have time to exercise.
  • Exercise Myth: I’m too weak to start exercising.
  • Exercise Myth: I’m disabled, so I can’t exercise.
  • Exercise Myth: I can’t afford to exercise — I don’t have the budget to join a gym or buy equipment.
  • Exercise Myth: Gyms are for young people, not for me.
  • Exercise Myth: Exercise is boring.

Remember that any physical activity counts. Whether it’s catching up with a friend while you walk the mall, or taking a dance class, or chasing your grandchildren, or bowling, or raking, or gardening, or volunteering at your local school system or park, it’s physical activity.

Don’t forget sex. That’s good exercise too.

The key is to figure out something you enjoy doing and do that. When you get tired of it, try something new. The type of exercise doesn’t matter. The best exercise is the one that you actually do.

Read Myths About Exercise and Older Adults

You are never too old to become more active and never to old to learn hypnosis for exercise motivation. The more active you are the more exhilarated and alive you feel. Learn self hypnosis and discover how you can incorporate more activity into your life and have fun doing it!

If you asked your doctor if exercise is right for you,
what would he or she say?

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Ask Your Doctor If Exercise Is Right For You

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The more active I am the more exhilarated and alive I feel.

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