How-much-exercise-to-sustain-weight-lossSo how much exercise do you need to sustain weight loss? There is considerable debate in the medical literature today about whether physical activity has any role whatsoever in the epidemic of obesity that has swept the globe since the 1980s. The increase in calories per person is more than sufficient to explain the U.S. epidemic of obesity. In fact, if anything, the level of physical activity over the last few decades has actually gone up in both Europe and North America.

There aren’t a lot of things in this life that you have control over, but one of them is what you eat and how much you eat. You can choose to eat processed food and fast food from the drive through, or you can choose to eat whole plant based food. Seattle Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Roger Moore can help you to want to pay attention to your body when it says, “stop eating.” Are you ready to become Slender For Life™?

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How Much Exercise to
Sustain Weight Loss?

Yes, we still need to exercise more, but the priorities for reversing the obesity epidemic should focus on the overconsumption of calories. To work off the increased calorie intake, which for kids is like an extra can of soda and small fries compared to what they were eating back in the 70s, and for adults about an extra big mac. To walk that off, we’d have to walk 2 hours a day, seven days a week. So exercise can prevent weight gain, but the amount required to prevent weight gain may be closer to twice the current recommendations.

Public health advocates have been experimenting with including this kind of information. The fast food menu labeled with calories and the number of miles to walk to burn those calories appeared the most effective in influencing the selection of lower calorie meals.

Now exercise alone may have a small effect, and that small effect can make a big difference on a population scale. A 1% decrease in BMI nationwide might prevent millions of cases of diabetes and heart disease and thousands of cases of cancer.

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