Exercise tips for weight lossIs your scale telling you that you need some exercise tips to help you with your weight loss? Exercise hypnosis can help you to add more activity into your daily life. It’s tough to find time to exercise when you are working more than full time, chasing kids, taking care of elderly parents, shopping for fresh produce, preparing healthy meals, doing your self hypnosis, coming to see me, listening to  your weight loss CDs, reading my book, cleaning house, doing fall cleanup in the yard, squeezing in a social life and oh yeah, sleep.  Tips for ways to add more movement into your day is this weeks reading from my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Tips for ways to add more
movement into your day

What you really need is a new attitude toward movement. Make it a game to find as many ways as you can to move throughout your day. Anytime you find yourself sitting for more than 30 minutes, ask yourself what else you could be doing. We’ve all come to rely way too much on drive-through everything—get out of the car and onto your feet!

  • Put on music while you cook so you dance around the kitchen instead of just standing there. The same goes for housework. (Remember Mrs. Doubtfire and her vacuum?)
  • Do stretches in the shower—carefully!
  • Incorporate a stretching routine into your gardening activities, which is also a good way to avoid a stiff back from weeding in one position too long.
  • Switch to an old-fashioned push lawn mower—plus it’s better for the environment (and it makes a cool sound!).
  • Do a set of lifting weights as you put away the groceries. (Think bicep curls with cans of tomato sauce.)
  • Wash your own vehicle instead of going through a car wash.
  • Join your kids in their games—when’s the last time you played basketball, softball or rode a scooter? (For that matter, when’s the last time your kids did anything physical?)
  • Make it a family affair to go for a walk every night after dinner—and meet your neighbors in the process.
  • Bring a healthy lunch from home and spend your lunch hour in a park or by the river and walk after you eat.
  • On rainy days, walk up and down the stairs in your office building during your lunch hour.
  • Walk your kids to school.
  • Install a tether ball in your backyard or a basketball hoop over your driveway.
  • Get a therapy ball and use it while you watch TV in the evening.
  • If you use public transportation, get off one stop early and walk the extra distance.
  • Buy some CDs of the music you loved growing up. Crank it up and get movin’ all over the house. Show your kids the dances you did in high school.
  • Learn isometric exercises you can do using the walls and furniture in your house. Set up your own circuit of activity in your home.

HOT IDEA: Consider posting small notes or signs in strategic places in your environment to motivate you, such as on your refrigerator, TV or your dashboard. Use whatever language and images will inspire you to make better decisions about your time. If you’re self-conscious about anyone else seeing them, then hide the notes in your sock drawer, day planner, journal or on your computer desktop— anywhere they can act as a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge.

For example:

  • Dance more, sit less
  • Couches are for pillows
  • Recline = decline
  • Got walk?
  • Have you walked 3 miles in your shoes today?
  • Have pedometer, will travel
  • You there with the gut—get off the couch!
  • Flab is not fab
  • Flabby is shabby
  • Do you want to be fat or fit?
  • Get up, get moving and get on with your best life!
  • Have you had some fun today?
  • Got a game to play?
  • Do NOT go through that drive-through
  • Just say no to sugar
  • Exercise is my prescription for health
  • Moving gives me more energy
  • There’s always time to get healthy
  • Just do it (still one of the all-time best motivators, because it cuts through every excuse)

From Becoming Slender For Life,
second edition, pages 185 – 187

My October 29, 2013, post was Housework and gardening are not exercise. Some of the tips that I offer in today’s reading are contradictory to the October 29 post. That’s OK – some days life happens and the best you can do is rake the leaves, vacuum the house, walk an extra flight of stairs or park at the far end of the grocery store parking lot. Self hypnosis can help you make it through each day and be more active.

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Exercise is adding healthy, happy years to my life.

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