Express Your GratitudeIt’s Thanksgiving so please take time today to express your gratitude for the abundance in your life. For several years now on Thanksgiving Day, I have posted the Gratitude Dance. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of the holiday meal preparations, grocery shopping in the crowds at the store, house cleaning and dealing with family and then forget to relax and enjoy. I urge you to take time to day to be mindful: Reflect on the riches in your life, dance, laugh and remember to commune with the people at your table. Thanksgiving is not a race to see who can consume the most food in the shortest time. Give thanks, appreciate the people at your table. Listen, talk, laugh, chew slowly and swallow. (Repeat)

To the thousands of people who are my clients, who read these posts and attend my classes, I am filled with gratitude! May we continue to do the Gratitude Dance together! Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am filled with gratitude for the abundance in my life!

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