Another Way To Think Of Your Extra Weight Is As Armor is a continuation of my August 12th post, Uncovering Protective Layers. Food and excess weight are frequently used to shield one from real or imagined mental and emotional pain. Using the Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis tools you take off your armor and live safely and healthfully at your ideal weight. Another Way To Think Of Your Extra Weight Is As Armor is this weeks reading from my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Another Way To Think Of Your Extra Weight
Is As Armor

So what battles are you preparing for, against what demons are you defending yourself? If you could snap your fingers and be slender, what would you be afraid of?

Then, if you decide this is one of your weight issues, you can take the next step. When it comes to being sensitive about attention, the real issue is learning to give and receive attention to and from yourself. It’s important to recognize that the common denominator in all your relationships is you. You are the only one who shows up in all your relationships. If you’re uncomfortable receiving attention, ask yourself: What is it about you that is uncomfortable? What is it about you that you’re denying? What is it about you that you’re rejecting? It’s only by accepting and loving you and your body as it is right now that will you ever be able to give the self-care that will allow you to make healthy eating choices, exercise and ultimately let go of your excess weight.

The number one job of your unconscious mind is to preserve your body. Milton Erickson would call it bringing the conscious mind into rapport with the unconscious mind. You can learn to dialogue in a healthy way with the various parts or aspects of yourself and integrate these parts of yourself so that they all work together in supporting you in obtaining your goals, and this is a technique we’ll explore in Chapter Four.

If you don’t want to release your excess weight—If you believe it’s not safe for you to lose the weight—then there’s a part of you that somehow benefits from being overweight.

If you believe it’s not safe for you to be slender, then long lasting weight release will be almost impossible. If you determine that this describes your situation, then I urge you to schedule some sessions with a qualified therapist who can guide you in releasing these negative emotions that no longer support you.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 84 – 85

Weight loss hypnosis can help you bring your conscious mind and unconscious mind into rapport so that all parts of you work together supporting you to lose weight and keep it off. Make it safe for you to be at your ideal weight.

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