I was having a conversation with someone recently about Forks Over Knives and the person asked if I thought that a plant-based diet was extreme. When I weighed over 110 pounds more than I do now, yes, vegetables were extreme. Today, extreme to me is having your chest cut open, needing a seat belt extender on an airplane or worse yet, not being able to sit on the floor with the grand kids and get back up. That’s extreme! And – so sad. It is sad because of the health impact of obesity, but it is so preventable, especially with hypnosis. As kids, many of us grew up being told that we had to eat meat and dairy and those charts on the school room walls reinforced the hypnotic messages we were given. We get hooked on the fat and sugar of the standard American diet and tell ourselves we need protein or that we need cheese for calcium. We get fat and we get sick. This is all so preventable with self-hypnosis. Right now, people are telling themselves that they have to have that egg for breakfast to fill full. And, as long as they give that hypnotic suggestion to themselves, they will feel full by eating an egg. Now if they were to look at the facts and the silliness of that statement, they could give themselves the suggestion that they feel full and satisfied with oatmeal. If you are ready to end the extreme American diet and ready to improve your health with a plant-based diet, learn hypnosis.

“Over a half a million people in the US will have to have the front half of their body divided and their heart exposed. Some people would call that extreme.” ~ Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

“I don’t understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian dies is considered drastic, while it’s medially conservative to cut people open or put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives.” ~ Dr. Dean Ornish

In my book, Becoming Slender For Life I write that, It is becoming easier to be a vegetarian. More and more restaurants and even fast-food places are offering meat- and dairy-free alternatives. You can get a rice and bean burrito with no cheese or sour cream at Taco Del Mar, a salad and a potato at Wendy’s, a veggie sub on whole wheat at Subway, and pasta with tomato sauce and veggies in most restaurants. The produce sections in grocery stores are now filled year-round with a vast variety of fresh produce, and most stores carry whole grains, beans, rice and legumes.

Beware, though—there are still a lot of overweight vegetarians. Most vegetarian recipes call for olive oil and often cheese. Overweight vegetarians are also often living on packaged foods—yes, those refined flour/sugar products. Instead of stocking up on grapes, carrots or garbanzo beans, they turn to crackers, cheese, peanut butter and bread. Becoming Slender For Life page 149.

Isn’t it time that you learn hypnosis and change your eating habits? If you are overweight, you are out of control. Self-hypnosis is the ultimate display of control. Take control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately your weight with hypnosis.

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Slender tastes better than fat!

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