It may come of a surprise to you, but extremely obese teens are more apt to engage in some dangerous behaviors. Often these dangerous behaviors are due to wanting to fit in and from having such low self-esteem that they will do anything to be liked. It is time that as adults, we show up and model healthy behaviors. Childhood obesity is an unnecessary and  preventable epidemic. Children who are obese today will suffer the consequences of obesity throughout their life – even if they lose the excess weight. Will you join me at Slender For Life™ and do your part to end childhood obesity?

Extreme Obesity Linked to
Dangerous Behaviors in Teens

WebMD Health News, April 25, 2011: Extreme obesity appears to significantly influence some kinds of risky behavior in teenagers, a new study shows. Smoking and risky sex is more common in the heaviest high school students.

In general, the researchers found that being big doesn’t necessarily make teens any less likely to experiment with things like cigarettes, sex, or drugs than their normal-weight peers. And some kinds of risks, like smoking, turned out to be even more common in very obese students.

Extremely obese girls were about twice as likely as slimmer students as to have ever tried cigarettes or to be current smokers.

Extremely obese boys were about 50% more likely than their normal-weight counterparts to have ever tried cigarettes or to have started smoking before age 13.

Although heavy girls were about half as likely as their slimmer peers to have ever had sex, when they did have intercourse, they were nearly five times more likely to do so under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Navigating relationships is hard for any adolescent girl, let alone an adolescent girl who’s carrying this burden of weight. These kids are in situations where they’re really vulnerable, and we need to be paying closer attention to that.

Read Extreme Obesity Linked to
Dangerous Behaviors in Teens

The Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ are committed to putting an end to childhood obesity. Will you join with me? Please, show up and be a parent or model healthy and nurturing behaviors for younger people. Be an example and get off the couch and eat healthy. Please, only bring real food, vegetables, whole grains and fruit into your home. If we all join together we can put an end to the unnecessary epidemic of childhood obesity.

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