Ending childhood obesity requires family involvement. At Slender For Life™ I know that children’s weight loss just has to be a family affair. Children are much more successful with lasting weight loss when the whole family is eating healthy and is when the whole family is involved in physical activities. Success is even greater when the whole family learns hypnosis. Be an agent of change in your family and get everyone involved. And to insure your success, learn weight loss hypnosis.

Family Involvement May Help Overweight Kids Change Habits

WebMD, January 23, 2012: Parents and grandparents can play a unique role in reversing obesity by encouraging healthy lifestyle changes in overweight children, suggests the American Heart Association. A new statement issued by the organization calls for more family involvement when treating childhood obesity. It describes specific ways parents and caregivers can be “agents of change” to support healthier behaviors in overweight and obese kids.

In many cases, the adults in a family may be the most effective change agents to help obese children attain and maintain a healthier weight. To do so, the adults may need to modify their own behavior and try some research-based strategies.

According to the AHA’s recommendations, some successful weight loss strategies that parents can use with children include:

  • Identifying, as a family, specific behaviors that need change
  • Setting goals and monitoring progress; clearly defining weight loss goals, such as limiting TV and computer screen time to no more than two hours a day
  • Providing a home environment that encourages healthier food choices, such as having fewer tempting sweets in the home but having more fruit available
  • Encouraging physical activity and being a positive role model for an active lifestyle
  • Praising a child’s progress and avoiding food as a reward or punishment
  • Treating “slips” as learning opportunities — a chance to make different choices the next time they happen

Read Family Involvement May Help Overweight Kids Change Habits

I love supporting families with weight loss hypnosis. My book, Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set can help support you and your family in being agents of change. If someone in your family needs to lose weight, get the whole family involved.

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