Family life has changed, and there just isn’t as much time available for careful preparation of food at home. American now spend about 41% of their food dollars on meals prepared outside the home, and the American Restaurant Association estimates that we spend more that $222 billion annually at restaurants. There are 800,000 food outlets in this country, ranging from street-corner vendors, cafeterias, and take-out establishments to family-style and upscale restaurants. There are 177,000 fast-food outlets and 196,000 table-service restaurants. The result is that food-service industry now influences national eating habits to a degree that nutrition experts consider to be dangerous. 34% of our calories are consumed outside the home; this figure rises to 45% for men in the 18 to 39-year-old bracket. Much of the eating is, indeed, casual and capricious…a doughnut grabbed on the run, a cappuccino drunk on the way to work…but much more of it is a necessary part of our lives, a slice of time inserted into a frantic schedule.

My weight-loss clients frequently tell me of their frantic schedules and about how much they depend on fast-food, take-out, restaurants and prepared meals. This is one of the many contributing factors to obesity in America. At Slender For Life™ we look for ways that clients can handle family, work, and life and still eat healthfully. One of the tools we use is self-hypnosis. It’s amazing that as a result of using hypnotherapy people tell me that have more time for what matters. It seems that when people are calmer, more relaxed, they get things done quicker and easier – there is less Chicken Little. By using self-hypnosis you can take back the power you gave away to food, family, work, stress & life and put you in control. Hypnosis works!

By the way, how’s that new exercise program going?