Egg white sandwich weight loss

Healthy fast food egg white sandwich weight loss does not exist. Five years ago today I wrote “What’s in that fast food egg white sandwich?” I’m going back to it again today because the it’s just as true today as it was then.

Last week someone asked me if egg whites were healthy for weight loss. In the conversation the person also shared that several days a week he stopped at McDonald’s on his way to the ferry to pick up an egg white sandwich.

I asked how long he’d been trying to lose weight with egg whites and he said it had been 3 months. My next question was, “how’s it going for you?” His head hung and said he had gained 2 pounds.

I talked about the fact that eggs are unhealthy and about all the ingredients added to the egg white that’s used commercially. He asked for my recommendation and I shared with him about the importance of lots of fiber and minimal fat.

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